Making books cross the final frontiers

Making your books cross the final frontiers

Science fiction is our passion. Writing is our life. The world is our home. Joshua and I, Brandon, first met at a nice restaurant overlooking the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Joshua had just come from Cyprus, I came from Germany. However, we got to know each other earlier because we were both very successful in the German Amazon market. At about the same time, we then moved out into the world with our books – first to, but then to many other markets as well. We developed processes for how a translation can reach another market quickly and still be of excellent quality. We’ve mastered algorithms, Facebook and Amazon ads, and developed newsletter sequences. We gained thousands of fans and sold hundreds of thousands of books. These days, we are successful worldwide, and together we generate seven-figure revenues. We now want to share our experience and knowledge with other writers. To this end, we have created A7L Books. You can learn more about it on this page.

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