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Call for entries: “To Other Worlds”

We founded A7LBooks to bring science fiction novels worth reading from one language world to another. We want to celebrate that – with an anthology. We are looking for exciting stories that venture far into unknown realms, just like in the Startrek motto. We can imagine these other worlds not only far out in the universe, but also on Earth, as long as they take readers away from their everyday lives. The anthology will be published in German and English, in line with the aim of A7LBooks.  

Please keep this in mind when submitting:  

  • Length: as the story requires, but please no more than 40 standard pages (72,000 characters).  
  • All subgenres of Science Fiction are allowed.   
  • In the manuscript do not forget pseudonym as well as name, address and e-mail.  
  • Language: German, English, Spanish, or Italian  
  • Deadline: April 30, 2023 (subject to sufficient qualitatively suitable submissions).  

Stories should be previously unpublished and must be free of third-party rights. Upon acceptance of the story, the publisher will receive worldwide, non-exclusive publication rights in all formats as well as translation rights for all languages for a period of seven years. If the submitted story is not accepted, there will of course be no transfer of rights.  

No costs will be incurred. The publisher will take care of editing, cover production, translation, etc. The book will be published in German in bookstores, and in English as a print on demand. The publisher will determine the publication dates of the e-book and the size of the anthology.  

Royalties will be paid according to the proportionate size of the accepted story. In this case, a total of 15% of the net income goes to the authors, regardless of format or language. Example: Anyone contributing a 30-page story to a 300-page anthology (equivalent to 10% of the volume) will receive 10% of the total royalty. Invoicing takes place once a year. Details are governed by the publishing contract. It is possible (but not necessary) to purchase discounted copies.  

Inclusion in the anthology is decided solely by the publishers, Brandon Q. Morris and Joshua Tree. No reasons will be given for the decision.  

We are very excited! 

For questions, please use our contact form. Submissions go to

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